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Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor
Financial Professional 

Cornelia Steinberg didn't think she needed life insurance.

Her ex-husband earned good money in his job, and she figured that if anything ever happened to her, her daughter would be well taken care of.

However, once Cornelia's friend and adviser explained the reasons that owning Living Benefits life insurance made sense for her, Cornelia immediately saw the value as a "no-brainer".  A few months later, that decision proved to be, as she says in the video, one of the best she's ever made.

Watch as Cornelia shares her story of how her Living Benefits life insurance policy helped her get over $300,000 of much-needed money in her hands after suffering an unexpected diagnosis of colon cancer.  That money helped pay for costly experimental treatments, allowed her to leave her job to focus on her recovery, and removed all the financial worry from an already-difficult situation.

Living Benefits provides a critical layer of protection that traditional life insurance cannot. I specialize in this "new kind" of life insurance and can help you get this protection in place for yourself and your family. 

I am here to help!


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